Author Spotlight: Kim Carter, Award-winning Writer Shares How Writing Saved Her Life With The AJC and Her Eighth Chilling Historical Mystery Novel Released.

LIFE ~ Courtesy of The Atlanta Journal and Story
By Nedra Rhone, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Award-Winning Author Kim Carter (Herron)

Let’s Keep the Written Word Going

“My mother instilled in me early on the importance of a handwritten thank- you note. I’ll never forget how proud I was to receive my first set of monogrammed stationery.  I would give anything to know where she’d purchased it now.  It was a lovely shade of pale pink and looked very hoity toity!  Long story short, I was all that.”

In September 1999 Kim Carter (then North) was on the way to drop her son at school before heading to work downtown when she suffered a grand mal seizure behind the wheel of her Grand Prix. She was 33, a mother of three and had never had a seizure in her life.

Carter and her 10-year-old son survived the terror and no one was hurt but the event set her on a long path to recovery. Carter credits her immediate survival to the brave couple who helped guide them to safety. But as the weeks of medical exams, medications and despair turned into months, she said it was writing that saved her life.

Eight months after the incident, Carter began writing mysteries like the ones she read by her favorite authors including the late Sue Grafton and Atlanta-based Karin Slaughter.

“It was my safe place. I had lost so much of my independence that was the one place where I could still be productive,” said Carter. “Even if it was just for me, even if it was a hobby, it was soothing.”

It would take several years, but Carter would eventually publish the books that once lived only on big floppy discs. Her 2016 novel “Murder Among the Tombstones,” — the first book in a series about two 70-year-old women who decide to become private investigators —  is a finalist for the 2018 Killer Nashville Silver Falchion award for best thriller. The winner will be announced Aug. 25.

"Murder Among the Tombstones," by Kim Carter has been nominated for a Killer Nashville award.
Murder Among The Tombstones – Kim Carter

It is an honor Carter never could have imagined when she was pecking out plots on the desktop computer she set up in her laundry room. After the traffic incident, Carter had developed agoraphobia. She worried that she would have another seizure at any given time.

She had only learned about what happened that day after the fact. How her foot stiffened on the pedal and sent the car shooting down GA 138 at 70 MPH. How a passing couple realized what was happening and drove their car next to hers to warn other drivers out of the way. How her 10-year old son, Austin, would climb down to the floor, push her foot from the gas and press hard on the brakes until the car rolled across several lanes of traffic and came to a stop near a Saturn dealership.

Carter spent three days in the hospital and underwent weeks of medical testing. She searched for and found the couple that helped her. She even appeared on several televisions shows and in an AJC story. It was an emotional time, said Carter, and the seizures just wouldn’t stop.

It was hard to shake the anxiety and depression that her condition was bringing to her life. She was a mother of young children but had limited mobility and her marriage was headed for divorce.

One day, she sat on the swing set in the backyard and resolved to do something to help her find some peace. So she moved an old desk into the laundry room, set up her computer and started writing.

When the kids were at school or at night when she felt she needed to decompress, she was at her computer coming up with characters.

“I remember thinking, I have always been a reader. I thought about all my favorite authors and I thought about what I liked and didn’t like about certain books,” said Carter. “I said I was going to write the way I want books to be.”

Initially, no one knew what she was doing. But gradually she would print out her pages, roll them up with a rubber band and share them with neighbors.

In 2002, she began working on her second book. This time she did a lot of research. She visited a warden at the prison and an inmate on death row. She went to the Fulton County Examiner’s Office and began networking.

The process got her out of the house and lifted her mood. She began outlining her stories using sticky notes and story boards. Though she was in and out of the hospital several times with health issues, her kids were thriving and her hobby kept her engaged.

Over time she reconnected with a family friend and after a shared dinner, they married in 2004. Her late husband, Julius Herron encouraged her writing and she began sharing more and more of her manuscripts.

In 2005, she self-published her first book, “No Second Chances,” and threw a big launch party at the performing arts center in Newnan. They made the rounds of book fairs, sold books online and when they traveled they would give away books to people all over the globe and watch orders come in from around the world.

Then the seizures came back.

Julius set up a new desk and office for her. She cried over her old beat up desk but began writing again.

For her next book titled “And The Forecast Called For Rain,” Carter worked with a small publishing house. When the book was released she had a signing at Barnes and Noble and sold more than 200 books. But despite what felt like success, the deal with the publishing house wasn’t a good one. Carter was disappointed and tired.

Her self esteem plummeted.


“I felt like I wasn’t really a writer,” she said. So she stopped writing for about a year. She began to feel depressed and the seizures started up again. Julius thought it was because her mind was idle. 

Four years ago, when the couple visited a convention for owners of greyhound dogs, they met Kelly Keylon, co-owner of Atlanta Water Gardens. The became fast friends and Keylon also encourage Carter to write again. “You have talent. You do not want to give up,” he said to her.

Keylon was so sure of Kim that he founded Raven South Publishing to publish her books. They had to learn how to run a publishing company from the ground up and learned a lot as they worked with printers, cover artists, and editors.

Carter began tackling her writing again. One story was inspired by a girl’s trip to Biloxi, Miss. During a cemetery tour, Carter spotted a tombstone with a baby lamb on top. It said only, “Baby Belle.” She wanted to learn more about this little baby who seemed to have no family. It was so heavy on her mind, it became a plot twist in her book “Sweet Dreams, Baby Belle.”

It turned out to be the book in which Clara and Iris, the nosey widows who launch a second act as investigators were first introduced. She patterned the two characters after her mother and her mother’s best friend. “Readers love ‘Baby Belle” but I think what they loved the most were those two characters,” Carter said. So she decided to focus a series around them.

“Clara and Iris offer a humor break but they are also very smart women,” she said. She has now finished and just released her eighth book, a historical novel called “Dark Secrets of The Bayou“… A chilling gripping suspense filled historical mystery novel like no other she has written to date.

Soon after the idea formed, Carter hauled Keylon out to Greenville to look at an old RV so they could all take a road trip to do research for her current book release. Carter hopes her readers feel like they know her characters and she loves meeting with fans.

“I love doing book clubs and meeting people who read and hearing what they think about the books,” she said. At the end of the book club meetings, she leaves everyone with a note to send out to someone that has influenced their lives in big and small ways.

Carter also continued her connection to Baby Belle. She and Keylon have donated five large angel statues to the Old Biloxi Cemetery to watch over all of the babies buried there. The Killer Nashville nomination has helped give Carter the boost she needed to continue to reach higher and write the kinds of books that readers want to read.

Kim Carter Visiting Another Cemetery

“I just remain so shocked and humbled that people are reading, purchasing and enjoying what I have written,” she said. “For anyone who is writing and struggling, don’t give up. Just keep doing it even if you are just doing it for the love of writing.” 


Released on Amazon and Amazon Kindle

Dark Secrets of the Bayou Kindle Edition

by Kim Carter (Author)  Format: Kindle Edition and Paperback

4.7 out of 5 stars    39 ratings 5-Star Awarded Book Review by Readers Favorite for “Dark Secrets Of The Bayou” ~ Jan. 2021
Amazing Amazon Reviews!

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ABOUT THE BOOK “Despite The Devil” a 5-Star Awarded Book Review By Readers Favorite

“Stephanie gazed at Andrew’s clean-shaven, long and slender face. His dark green eyes were captivating. His brown hair was neatly combed to the side. His eyebrows were thick and kind of joined in the middle, and his nose looked even sharper from the angle at which Stephanie was now looking at him. Girl, he’s handsome! Stephanie thought, And that accent!”

When Stephanie meets Andrew Simmons, she believes she’s found the perfect man: smart, handsome, kind, and athletic. Best of all, the Norwegian former soldier is as interested in her as she is in him. But as their romance begins to blossom, Stephanie learns that Andrew’s past could haunt their life together. His dangerous earlier life may destroy the happiness the two of them share. Will Stephanie and Andrew’s fairytale be strong enough to resist the wickedness from Andrew’s former life?

Winner of the Canada Book Awards

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Martha’s Dilemma

Cat happened to find this amazing website of Hannah and her partners, and it is a great site for Readers and Authors!
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Mom's Favorite Reads

Short story: Martha’s Dilemma by Penny Luker

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New Release Alert: Award-Winning Author Shawna James Releases Book 2 of Her “They Loved Collection” ~ “As It Should Be” With An E-book Sale.

They Loved Collection

Despite the Devil (They Loved Collection Book 1)

by Shawna James (Author)
Kindle Edition

From Book 1:
Stephanie gazed at Andrew’s clean-shaven, long and slender face. His dark green eyes were captivating. His brown hair was neatly combed to the side. His eyebrows were thick and kind of joined in the middle, and his nose looked even sharper from the angle at which Stephanie was now looking at him. Girl, he’s handsome! Stephanie thought, And that accent!

When Stephanie meets Andrew Simmons, she believes she’s found the perfect man: smart, handsome, kind, and athletic. Best of all, the Norwegian former soldier is as interested in her as she is in him. But as their romance begins to blossom, Stephanie learns that Andrew’s past could haunt their life together. His dangerous earlier life may destroy the happiness the two of them share. Will Stephanie and Andrew’s fairytale be strong enough to resist the wickedness from Andrew’s former life?

Winner of the Canada Book Awards!

As It Should Be (They Loved Collection Book 2)

by Shawna James (Author)
Kindle Edition

From Book 2:
Andrew and his wife, Stephanie, thought they had bought their safety and freedom. Just as they had settled into an idyllic life in Norway, the table turn again, into a living nightmare. They are forced to move back to Canada and run through yet another convoluted maze.

Upon arriving back to the country in which they met, a man in a blue Jetta begins following Stephanie and their daughters.  Can Andrew protect his family from the looming threats?  And who is following Stephanie?  Even in the midst of difficult circumstances, Andrew and Stephanie stay positive and strong for their daughters, hoping that someday the curse will be lifted.

Book 2 Released and Written By Shawna James

About The Award-Winning Author:

Shawna James is an Award-Winning Canadian Author & Writer of her book series “They Loved Collection.” Her debut novel “Despite the Devil” was released in November of 2020 and won the Canada Book Awards, and awarded a 5-star review by Readers Favorite; she quickly began gaining romance reader fans from around the world. The second book, titled “As It Should Be,” was released in July 2021 for all her reader fans and is available on Amazon books, Amazon Kindle, Kobo, iBooks, Audible, B&N, and many fine books book stores.

Shawna, a Canadian Author, holds a master’s degree in education and works as a university instructor, fueling the bright minds of her students.
When she is not writing in her favorite coffee shop or instructing, she enjoys the great outdoors and loves hiking with her puppies. Shawna also travels abroad, is an avid reader, spending time with family, and enjoys watching her favorite football games on Sunday afternoons. She continues to reside in the BC/Vancouver, Canada, area.

The Author welcomes readers, publishers, and agents to visit her Official Author Website for her author news, updates, new releases and is open to interviews, radio shows, and podcasts as a guest author.

The Book Reviews That Are Coming In For Book One of The Collection Are Amazing!


An image posted by the author.

Reviewed by K.C. Finn for Readers’ Favorite

Despite The Devil is a work of fiction in the women’s fiction, contemporary romance, and interpersonal drama sub-genres, and was penned by author Shawna James. This compelling and emotional tale focuses on the central couple Stephanie and Andrew, whose initial romance seems ideal and a true match made in heaven.

But Andrew has skeletons in the closet from old mistakes, and both he and Stephanie always have one eye on the past, consumed by the fear that it might come to destroy their future. What results is a poignant, romantic, and emotional tale about finding love and fighting for it, with faith and perseverance.

Author Shawna James has crafted a romantic drama that delivers clean content suitable for readers of all sensitivities, and with a deep sense of passion and devotion from its central pairing. More than this, the work smacks of realism thanks to the grounding of the characters and their realistic dialogue. When faced with adversity they react in ways that we as readers can really relate to, and it compels us to go with them every step of the way on their journey.

One of the things I particularly liked about the work was the plot structure, which keeps things interesting as different elements being revealed. We get some great highs and lows as we see how Andrew and Stephanie deal with the bumps on the road. Overall, I would certainly recommend Despite The Devil for its realistic approach to contemporary drama. A well-written work indeed.

Readers can Connect with Author Shawna James on Social Media and for news and updates, visit give her website a visit… Visit author: WebsiteFacebookTwitterGoodreadsAmazonPinterest

“This Girl Is On Fire”…A Spotlight of News, Interviews, Reviews For This Best-Selling Writer & Author, Marilyn L. Davis. . .

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 210208-195.jpg
Memoir Written by Author Marilyn L. Davis

As most of my readers and friends who visit me know that Cat gets a bit excited and love to share Good News when my friends and fellow authors are doing well. That is what I love to do and is my passion! Marilyn Davis has been a very busy girl lately with some exceptional news, reviews, interviews, and much more!

First, she was recently chosen and invited by a great place for both Authors and Readers over on All Author to be interviewed and featured on their website. I couldn’t Highly Recommend them any more for authors who want to promote their books effectively with the range of amazing tools they offer authors when you register for FREE.

They do offer two different affordable Pro Author Plans and it unlocks every tool to use free and unlimited and is very reasonable priced. Authors can learn more here: and I urge you to take a look and see! Here is a little of the in-depth interview with Marilyn Davis.

I be sharing some News and Updates as she has received another Readers Favorite 5-Star Book Award for her new second book, a writers guide and workbook titled “Memories into Memoir: The Mindsets and Mechanics Workbook” and much more. But first, some of here All Author Interview.

06, Jul 2021

Marilyn L. Davis interview

Genre: Advice & How To, Biographies & Memoirs, General Nonfiction

Author Marilyn L. Davis interview

Where did you grow up? What was life like for you then and what do you miss most about your childhood

I was born in Indiana, the older of two daughters. We moved to Tennessee when I was nine and to Georgia when I was eleven and moved to Maryland when I was seventeen. After finishing school in Maryland, I lived in Virginia and Pennsylvania. Now, I reside in Georgia. 

I miss the closeness of my parent’s families in Indiana. Visiting with aunts, uncles, grandparents, and cousins on their farms was a special treat for me, the city cousin. Grooming horses, bailing hay, collecting eggs, and putting up homemade vegetables, jams, and jellies was great fun. Of course, I only had to do a limited amount, and those regular farm chores probably wouldn’t have been as much fun if I had to do them daily. 

What does writing mean to you?

Writing for me has always been a release. Whether it’s an idea, thought, or feeling, the process of writing moves those from inside my head to paper. I’ve written since I was a child to process my feelings when I was bullied, to make sense of my day in retrospect, or to write abysmal poetry.
I remember realizing at about age four that the squiggly lines on the pages of a book told the story, and I wanted to understand how that happened, so my mother helped me learn to read at a young age. Using a Child Craft Encyclopedia, we found all the words for “cat,” and trust me; there are many cats in the world — lions, tigers, cougars, leopards, and jaguars. Then there were the domestic varieties, so although most of my vocabulary was limited, it was extensive for cats. Maybe that’s why I’ve always liked cats so much. 
I still have a fascination for words – their power, grace, and ability to engage readers.

What do you love the most about the art of storytelling?

The freedom to be someone else is a motive for storytelling. I liked the sound of Eufaula, a town in Alabama, so I created a grandmother – Nana Jane — living there and writing to her grandchildren who lived in another state. Researching the town and remembering moments in my childhood, helped me create this fictitious character. As my work progressed, I expanded upon the fictitious aspects of the character and the town. There have been two posts from Nana Jane on my literary blog: Two Drops of Ink.  
A person familiar with Eufaula falsely assumed I had lived there — that was when I knew that while Nana Jane was a fictional character, I’d been authentic in her background.

What are some book recommendations for an avid reader?

I immerse myself in genres until I’m saturated with the topic. Currently, I’m reading several books about “ancient scroll/codex/artifact, that if found spells doom for humanity.” No, it’s not a genre, but it could be. I like the following authors of this type of religious thriller: Khoury, Daniel Silva, Liam Fialkov, James Rollins, John Zodrow, Sam Christer, E. M. Davey, Tom Knox, Charles Brokaw. I also spend time reading about writing. Those authors include:  
William Strunk, Jr. Anne Lamott, Natalie Goldberg, Julie Cameron, William Zinsser, Ray Bradbury, Renni Browne, Orson Scott Card, Roy Peter Clark, and Vladimir Nabokov. 

What challenges did you face while publishing your debut memoir titled “Finding North: A Journey from Addict to Advocate?”

For years, friends and associates told me that the story of meeting Gray Hawk and opening North House would be an interesting read. My original challenge was overcoming my fear of exposing myself. I don’t think I realized how vulnerable I would feel. But I overcame that fear with the encouragement of two caring beta readers and editors who told me there were people who would “Want” to read my story and that there were people who “Needed” to read my story. 

The second challenge was formatting. I finally hired someone to do that part for me and did that again with Memoires into Memoir: The Mindsets and Mechanics Workbook.  
I write – they format. Once I defined the roles, the challenge was no longer an issue. 

How did you celebrate 32 years of abstinence-based recovery?

I celebrated in my usual way by picking up a chip to commemorate the years at my recovery support meeting. It’s not about vainglory. It’s more about letting a newcomer know that long-term recovery is possible. There’s cake and speeches and fellowship with other recovering addicts, so it’s always a good time. Think birthday and anniversary rolled into one. 

How would you describe your journey of opening and managing North House, an award-winning residential facility for women, from 1990-2011?

Trial by fire.  
I only had seventeen months in recovery when I opened North House, but I was emboldened by Gray Hawk, a 74-year old Native American who told me he had been trying to find me for over 20 years. 
Gray Hawk told me that he had “seen” in a sweat lodge ceremony in Virginia that he should go to Gainesville, GA, to find the woman who would open the house of healing for other women…
There is more to Marilyn’s Story and you can read the rest by clicking here>>>>Read full interview

Many Book Reviews Coming In!

May be an image of 1 person
The Reviews Speak Volumes!

Marilyn Has Been Awarded a 5-Star Readers Favorite Book Review For Her Second Book Titled “Memoires into Memoir: The Mindsets and Mechanics Workbook.”  

Reviewed by K.C. Finn for Readers’ Favorite ~ Memories into Memoir: The Mindsets and Mechanics Workbook

Memories into Memoir is a work of non-fiction in the creative writing, educational, and workbook-style sub-genres, and was penned by author Marilyn L. Davis. As its title suggests, this concise and well-organized volume is designed to help those aspiring writers who might want to turn experiences from their own lives into memoir, autobiographical and/or anecdotal writing, with expert tips on how to recall memories, reflect upon them, and construct them in a narrative style that becomes accessible and interesting to a reading audience. The book is laid out with short sections of explanatory prose and workbook sections for the reader to complete as they go along.

Author Marilyn L. Davis has produced a fully comprehensive workbook with twenty-two chapters of excellent advice, guidance, and forward-thinking for any aspiring writer to learn the art of memoir writing. In terms of organization, the work is well-formatted to convey information in a logical manner and allow easy reference to find essential topics again, as well as providing plenty of space for your own reflections and a variety of visual and kinetic formats to lay the work out to suit different styles of learning.

Moreover, Davis constructs a practical and confident narrative voice that both inspires and informs at the same time, making learners feel as though they are in safe hands. Overall, I would certainly recommend Memories into Memoir: The Mindsets and Mechanics Workbook to anyone seeking well-organized works on writing, aspiring memoir writers everywhere, and for anyone with a story to tell.

*** *** *** *** *** **** ***

You can find Marilyn L. Davis and Connect With Here All Over Social Media & AMAZON…

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Special Author Spotlight ~Roger Stark. Sharing News, Reviews, & Updates For His New Novel “They Called Him Marvin: A History of Love, War & Family. Kindle Edition Now Released.

They Called Him Marvin: A History of Love, War and Family by [Roger Stark]

Fresh from garnishing an awarded 5-Star Book Review by Readers Favorite Magazine, Author Roger Stark Announces his new novel is now released and available in e-book on Amazon Kindle titled “They Called Him Marvin: A History of Love, War, and Family”. . .

Written By Author Roger Stark

Since writing this fantastic novel project for over 6+yrs, and after having an encounter with the real Marvin who shared his father’s story with him, Roger was on a quest to bring Marvin’s family story to life as he never had the chance to meet his father. I’ve also read this novel and can tell you the exceptional job Roger did with this book. Now, everyone who may be World War II history buffs or fans of military family life or wartime reads, you don’t have to wait for the paperback release, as it just released in e-book on Amazon Kindle!

And since the e-book released? There has been a lot of news and updates about this new book! First? It is currently featured on in their “Book Cover of The Month” contest and you can help Roger win it by stopping by and giving his beautiful book cover a VOTE right here on this link: just click the link and vote! It’s that simple.

The book reviews are already coming in for “They Called Him Marvin” on both Amazon and Goodreads. So I wanted to share some so my readers and friends can read first hand HOW AMAZING this new novel is! It has a little something for every type of reader. It is a non-fiction based on real letters between Commander Dean and his wife Connie, Marvin’s mother and father. His dad flew a B-29 bomber plane, so plane buffs will enjoy this book too!

By Author Roger Stark


Rose City Reader 5.0 out of 5 stars moving WWII history
Reviewed in the United States on June 17, 2021.

They Called Him Marvin is the intimate history of one family caught up the War in the Pacific during WWII. First Lieutenant Dean Sherman was one of some 570 Allied airmen captured by the Japanese. His wife Connie was home in Utah, raising the baby Dean never met.

Roger Stark’s new book tells the story of Dean and Connie Sherman in all its historical context, using their own letters as well as primary source materials. I’m impressed by the research the author put into the book and the way he used the letters and personal story of Dean and Connie to tell the bigger story of the airmen fighting the war in Japan. The book really brings to life the story of the brave men flying B-29 fighters and the harrowing effects the war had on families on both sides.

Dianna N. 5.0 out of 5 stars Vivid descriptions, Real life
Reviewed in the United States on June 19, 2021.

I am reading this story, and am riveted. The author has a way of telling the story that is enjoyable as well as enjoying what the story is about. I’ve felt happy, sad, glad, horrified, and enchanted by the story and by the way it is written. I recommend this book to anyone, as it appeals to several aspects of human nature/real life.

Jillian S.
5.0 out of 5 stars A book that will leave you crying
Reviewed in the United States on June 15, 2021

A book that will leave you crying, with a heart full of both longing and love. A reminder to hold those you love close while you can. The window into a true love story through Connie and Dean’s letters surrounded by the realities of horrendous war both broke my heart and filled it with hope.

Showcasing their joy and love while describing what life inside the war was like, what lead to each war action and how the air battles transpired is no easy feat. However this book tackled them all with an engaging narrative that added levity at just the right moments. A difficult, tragic topic to share with the world and so worth reading!

*** *** *** *** *** ***

Now, in more news about Roger and his new e-book release and his book will featured as “The Book of The Day” on The 4th of July at Books Shelf Literary Magazine and a great place for all readers to check out for amazing books of fiction and non-fiction and you’ll see “They Called Him Marvin” highlighted all day!

What an awesome way to pay tribute to those unsung heroes of all wartime and honor those through this novel and whom fought for our Freedom we enjoy on our American Independence Day.

You can visit on the 4th at

They Called Him Marvin: A History of Love, War and Family ~ Now on Books Shelf

They Called Him Marvin: A History of Love, War and Family

By Author

Roger Stark

Nonfiction, Biography / Memoir, Family and Relationships

Short Description

“Destined to become the new Military Family American Classic Novel.”

“They were the fathers we never knew, the uncles we never met, the friends who never returned, the heroes we can never repay. They gave us our world. And those simple sounds of freedom we hear today are their voices speaking to us across the years.” ~Former President Bill Clinton

Such a man was 1st Lt Dean Harold Sherman, B-29 Airplane Commander, Marvin’s father he never met…

May be an image of 1 person and smiling

About The Author

I would describe myself as a reluctant writer. But when a story comes along that demands to be told, you pick up your pen.

Six years ago, I heard the story of a friend’s father in World War II. I was so moved by his telling of the story that I asked if he would allow me to write it. The result is the soon-to-be-published “They Called Him Marvin.” My life has been touched in so many ways by being part of documenting this profound story.

My career as an addiction counselor (CDP) lead me to write “The Waterfall Concept; A Blueprint for Addiction Recovery” and co-author “Reclaiming Your Addicted Brain.”
After my counseling retirement, I decided I wanted to learn more about the craft of writing and started attending classes at Portland, Oregon’s Attic Institute.

I learned that there is an amazing number of great writers in my area and were willing to help others improve their skills. My next project is already underway, a memoir of growing in SW Washington called “Life on a Sorta Farm.
My wife of 49 years, Susan, and I still live in the southwest Washington area. We raised seven children and have eleven grandchildren. We love to travel and see the sites and cultures of the world. I still get on my bicycle whenever I can.

*** *** *** *** *** *** ***

Stop by and visit the authors website and go connect with him too on social media!

Visit Roger’s WebsiteFacebookTwitterInstagramGoodreadsAmazonLinkedin ...And a little something EXTRA and Message from the Author!

“Wanna chance to win a free copy of “They Called Him Marvin?” On the Goodreads site 3 signed copies are offered. Three lucky folks will get a personalized, author signed copy! No strings attached! Join in the fun!…..…/325926-they-called-him-marvin ~ GOODREADS Giveaway!”



A Special Guest Share of Beautifully Written Prose…
Stop by and visit this amazing blog!

Author, Cat Lyon

Stoner on a rollercoaster

Now what?
Which way do I swim
Where do I hack a path
In this freezing ocean

I’m thinking
Floating weightlessly
In the eye of the ripples
Birthed by my tears

I’m Numb with fear

Of choosing wrong
What if I go deeper
And get lost on the horizon
Just like the sun

Or what if
Ocean swallows me
to punish me
For not even trying

Or what if
The world out there
Waiting on the shore
Pelts me to death

I’m stranded
On a raft of
Dreams and delusions
I build out of air and mist
To stay afloat

.. (1)

Copyright © 2021 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved

Kindly visit my post Warriors Invited To Raise Mental Health Awareness where I invite Mental Health Warriors to submit their blog’s address so that we can join hands to control this wildfire.

You can find my poetry collection here=>  

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Red Card by Tony Kelly / #SpotlightPost #BookBlitz @RABTBookTours @kellysredcard @BookBuzznet

Just one of the awesome book bloggers that helped and was a part of Author Tony Kelly’s new book release Book Blitz day! “Red Card: A Bet You Can Win” is a must-read for everyone. Non-Fiction Biography as Tony shares his story of being a pro soccer star and his career cut short by a gambling problem and redemption with Faith and his Recovery!

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Red Card: A Bet You Can Win!

Former UK professional soccer star (footballer), Tony Kelly lost it all, but he stands today as someone who is unbreakable!

Having lost most of his wealth, his house and eventually his fiance’, Tony refused to be broken and fought back.

Through years of pain and suffering, somehow, Tony managed to turn his life around in a positive way, and his journey from disaster to redemption and triumph is nothing short of amazing. Tony has literally been to hell and back, but through family and friends’ support, professional help, his renewed faith, and sheer courage, he is now in a position to help others, and that is something he could never have envisioned six years ago.



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Thank you, Tony Kelly and RABT Book Tours


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Best selling Author Tony Kelly is a former professional (footballer) soccer…

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